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New Zealand Backgammon Gambling 9/2/2921

Backgammon has been played for stakes throughout its long history dating back thousands of years. Today you can play for money online or at many Backgammon tournaments held all over the world. Tournaments attract the serious players and offer large cash winnings. But you can easily play online for low stakes if you want.

Players in New Zealand should try out New Zealand casinos if they want to gamble online. This is the best way to learn the skills involved in playing virtually.

Remember you must learn the rules on how to use a doubling cube before gambling in a game of Backgammon. And if you're a beginner try a site that lets you play the less experienced players. Many Backgammon sites offer this ability, ranking players according to skill level.

Backgammon is an absorbing game in its own right but even more so when played for money. So if you enjoy playing why not try it for stakes and pit your wits against an opponent for cash. You never know, you could may well make a profit using one of your favourite pastimes.

Remember when playing an opponent you should bear his experience of the game in mind. There is an etiquette to be followed when playing. For example don't take too long over moves. This will make the game an enjoyable experience for both f you.








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