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Useful Online Backgammon Strategies to Get You Started

 Backgammon: the old board games are always the best

Backgammon is one of the oldest games on the planet, dating back to the Byzantine era of 425-491 AD. Out of all the different table games played at bricks-and-mortar casinos around the world, backgammon is one of the only ones to incorporate a healthy dose of strategy as well as luck. This game is normally played between two players, using two dice and 15 checkers. Your ultimate goal is to move your own checkers to your home board and remove them from the board altogether.

It is very rare to find online casinos offering free games of online backgammon. Most iGaming operators tend to focus more heavily on table games, such as blackjack and roulette where dealers and croupiers are intrinsically involved. Most of the available online platforms are purpose-built online backgammon portals that focus entirely on this skill-based board game, rather than other typical casino card games. Fortunately, the development of HTML5 technology has made it possible to enjoy online backgammon on all devices, ranging from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets.

Caption: Online backgammon is available on all smartphone devices today

If youíre just starting out with backgammon and youíre looking to player other beginners online, youíll be interested to read our recommended strategies that can help you understand the game quickly and provide a stiff test for other newbies from the word go. Take a look at these five beginner online backgammon strategies and see which ones you like the sound of.

The Running Game Strategy

Letís start with arguably the simplest beginner online backgammon strategy that exists, the running game strategy. This is a strategy you can employ if you begin the game ahead in the race. Ultimately, all thatís required is to focus on getting your checkers to your home board as quickly as possible. Not only will this give you the best possible chance of removing them from the board altogether, it will also thwart your opponent having opportunities to knock your checkers off the grid. Itís the same beginner strategy as we recommend for offline backgammon players. With a little fortune on your side with the dice rolls, you can be the more likely player to bear-off first.

The Blitz Attack Strategy

If you are feeling aggressive, you could adopt the Blitz Attack strategy from the word go. This approach sees you go on the offensive against your opponentís checkers, attempting to land on his or her checkers that look vulnerable on the board. Instead of focusing on bringing your own checkers back to your home board, you will pick off those lonely-looking checkers of your opponents. Once you managed to send them to the bar, you can then focus on returning your checkers to your home board. Donít adopt the Blitz Attack strategy if your opponentís checkers are already quite close to their home board as youíll put your own checkers at risk.

The Holding Strategy

Ideal for players that feel up against it from the word go, the Holding strategy requires the use of at least one of your checkers as an anchor within your opponentís home grid. An anchor works as a spoiling tactic, positioned high into your opponentís home board. The best places to keep one or two checkers back in your opponentís home board is at point 20, or on the bar joints. Itís a clever tactic that can prevent your opponent from making further advancements towards their home board. Take note of how many checkers your opponent already has in their outer board, though. If they already have the majority in there, your chances of frustrating them will diminish.

The Priming Strategy

If at any point you have six successive blocked points, with each point housing two or more checkers, this is known as a prime. If this occurs, your opponent wonít have the chance to pass checkers behind the prime. Itís not easy to maintain a prime for any length of time given that a dozen of your checkers must be locked in at all times to create the prime. However, it is certainly another effective spoiling tactic which often leads to significant numbers of checkers being bunched-up in the centre of the board.

The Back Game Strategy

Widely regarded as the toughest beginner online backgammon strategy, the Back Game strategy is normally a last resort for players that are well behind in a game. This requires you to have the bravery to manipulate two or more points within your opponentís inner board, picking off your opponentís vulnerable single checkers wherever possible. Bear in mind there is less skill over this strategy as its success is normally determined by the outcome of your dice rolls.

Hopefully this quintet of online backgammon strategies will help newcomer players find their own niche and make the most of any situation on the board. Playing online backgammon for real money is just as enthralling as playing in person, allowing you to strategise and demonstrate your competitive streak to defeat your opponents in one-on-one battles. Good luck!









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